The Journalist Association of Europe is an independent & non-profit organization of journalists & media professionals.

  • To encourage diversity in journalism
  • To foster excellence among journalists
  • Promote media awareness & ethics
  • Exchange ideas, info and resources
  • Stimulate high standards in journalism
  • Advocates on behalf of journalists
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Members- The Journalist Association of Europe (JAE)

The Journalist Association of Europe (JAE) is a leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism; a catalyst for innovation in story-telling across all platforms; a resource for journalists seeking guidance and growth, and a champion of best practices through training, awards and community outreach. JAE Memebership shall be extended to any person whose application has been accepted and who has paid the required annual membrership fee. All memberships are subject to the approval of the membership committee.


Work is already under way on the 2011 Journalist Association of Europe (JAE) Yearbook, due to be published in March.


Brief contact details of all current members of the Journalist Association of Europe (JAE) are included in the Yearbook‘s register, but members may also provide a more detailed profile. This is a service exclusive to fully paid-up members of the Journalist Association of Europe (JAE) only.


Please send all details to including clearly labelled profile pictures, in jpg format


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